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Last week aku ada buat blog baru

Blog ni aku setting private je, invited readers je yg bleh masuk. Siapa-siapa kawan-kawan yg silent reader (baca:stalker) blog ni yg aku blom invite, sound la aku cuz aku boleh je grant access untuk korang. Tapi blog wordpress ini ada banyak entri yg best2 (entry dimana aku perah kepala otak sikit semasa menulisnya). Sayang la pulak nak delete. Entry-entry tertentu sudah diprivatekan atas sebab-sebab tertentu.

Nampaknya aku lebih suke mencipta blog dari menulis dalam blog.

Kronologi pemblogan aku.
1. Friendster (2003–2004)
Baru berjinak dalam dunia blogging. Sejak adanya Facebook, Friendster dah ketinggalan. Maka secara automatis, blog Friendster dah di delete.

2. Multiply (2004-2008)
Yang paling lama setakat ni. Boleh dikatakan blog ni membukukan asam garam kisah kehidupan seorang undergrad di Adelaide. Ditinggalkan kerana tak ramai orang boleh comment sebab kene buat account Multiply untuk comment; melecehkan. Yang tak bestnye Multiply ni tiada built-in sistem untuk ‘track’ visitor. Bagi si celik-IT perkara ini mungkin petik-jari sahaja, tapi tidak bagi aku yang buta-CSS dan HTML ni. Blog ini masih berada diruang maya sebab kalau aku delete blog ni aku dah tak boleh nak comment on blog kawan-kawan yang masih dimultiply. Multiply ni best untuk mass-upload gambar.

3. WordPress (2009–current)
Era baru bermula dalam hidup. Aku post pun sebulan at least sekali (gile malas). Budak Honours pun post lagi banyak dari aku dalam masa sebulan. Tapi aku selalu tension dengan WP ni sebab kekadang ada masalah takleh bukak la, load tak habis la, nak upload gamba, video etc. Pastuh aku suspect WP ni akan ada prob kat komputer yang lembap. WP ni aku nak buat private pun susah sebab visitor tu kene ada account WP baru boleh access blog ni. Kebutaan CSS/HTML/Java/whatever aku telah menyekat perkembangan blog ni.

4. Blogpsot (current–    )
The Curious Mind 3.0. Masih peringkat bayi lagi blog ni. Tertarik dengan blogspot sebab ramai kawan kat blogspot dan nampaknya lebih simple dari WP ni. By now, tak boleh nak bagi alasan buta CSS/HTML lagi sebab sudah masanya aku belajar asas-asasnya kot. Blog kawan-kawan di Blogspot banyak yang cun-cun layout dia. Aku pun tak pasti sama ada blog baru ini adalah satu “fad” atau sesuatu yang akan kekal.

Nombor 1 dan 2 dah tutup buku dan gulung tikar.

No 3 sayang nak buang. No 4, hmm rasa susah pulak nak maintain banyak-banyak ni. Mungkin No 3 ni aku perlu revamp, iaitu dengan mencipta satu alter-ego, atau persona, atau dalam bahasa non-psikologinya, karakter la. Blog keempat adalah dimana anima-animus aku akan bersuara. Oklah enough of Jungian psychology. Sila la Google kalau tak faham.

Kesimpulannya aku pun tak tahu kenapa mencipta blog tu lebih best dari menulis blog. Pening jugak nak maintain blog banyak-banyak ni. What do you guys think? Ada cadangan?


To potong the Potong ad.

Baru-baru ni kat Parlimen pun ada dibincangkan soal nak ban iklan P1 Wimax. Kononnya ada message ‘lucah’. A little too late, I guess? The ad has already been broadcast on national TV and has become the talk of the town already.

This is the iklan I’m talking about. Most of you guys yang kat Malaysia dah tengok kot iklan ni. Paling tak bleh blah skali adalah scene pengantin kot. Hahaha.

Yes, there is double entendre in this ad, but that’s what makes the ad powerful. Personally, I think this ad is creative.  The message is clear, the tagline ‘potong‘ —which symbolises ‘cutting’ the wires of cable broadband a.k.a TMNet Streamyx— is now stuck in our heads 24/7.  Think ‘potong‘ think P1Wimax.  I fail to see any kelucahan in this ad. Ada ke orang pakai tak cukup kain? Ade ke flasher? Ade ke suggestive movements?

This iklan, to me, also shows that this P1Wimax is suitable for all ages and segenap lapisan masyarakat. Sebab tu iklan tu setting dekat kampung. Makcik-makcik yang melatah tu pun dah ‘potong’ and switched to P1Wimax.That’s another way to interpret the iklan. Bosan la asal iklan broadband je nak tunjuk scene high tech, rumah atau office yang nampak minimalis, atau duduk melepak dengan laptop kat cafe. It’s just too cliche. Bo-rrring. So, this out-of-the-box ad is not too bad, I reckon.

I don’t understand why there is even a need to make a fuss about it. The P1 Wimax ad is even more innocent than Lady Gaga’s “Lovegame” with the catchy “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” lyrics. Now tell me, why do you allow such blatant obscenity on the radio? on our TV? and yet melatah dengan iklan P1 Wimax ni? Anak-anak buah aku dengan muka innocentnya menyanyi kuat-kuat “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick“. I cringe everytime I hear it from the 11-year old’s mouth. What about the song ‘My Humps’? Black Eyed Peas are obviously not talking about the bonggols on a camel’s back.

Anyway, maybe TMnet guys tak cukup creative kot nak buat an attention-grabbing ad, and not even creative enough to counter PiWimax ad.

Duniawi Facebook

The other day I came across this ayat in the Holy Quraan.

Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children, as the likeness of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers, evil-doers), and (there is) Forgiveness from Allâh and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers, good-doers), whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment—Surah Al-Hadiid; verse 20.

This ayat suddenly struck me and got me thinking of how we, human beings can be easily get carried away with all duniawi achievements. I thought about it long and hard. The situation can be seen easily nowadays, especially on Facebook. According to Paklan’s recent Facebook status “Facebooking is like fashion, or Adobe Photoshop. While not paying attention to it makes you dull, overdoing it makes you trashy or looking like a douche” which also got me sorta motivated to update my (dying) blog.

Almost all of us probably would have shown some kind of personal achievement on Facebook. It’s healthy to a certain extent, we all would love to share your joy. But some people can really cross the line and enter the “show off” zone by showing every minutiae that’s going on in their lives. With photos of the latest events in their (or even their kids’) lives, nothing is too mundane or too private to broadcast. New beau/belle, new car, new house, new offspring, new cool job, new sights&sounds. Like it or not, everyone seems to be caught in a rat race. Then with this ‘data’ available easily for everyone to see, people tend to draw conclusions or make judgements, like who’s the most successful in our circle of friends right now? Who marries first? Who drives the most expensive car? Who marries the most? (haha..dah ada ke yang camni?) Who has the most kids? Who makes the biggest bucks? Whose business empire is the largest? Who’s the loser? etc. There is immense pressure not too lose in this rat race. Goodness knows the status updates and pictures can even spark jealuosy or hatred or even fitnah.

I am not forbidding you all to post your happenings on FB, it’s just that moderation is the key. Of course you can take pictures of your new whatever, but I think the salient point is we should not be enslaved by Facebook, e.g. taking pictures with the intention of showing off. We humans sometimes don’t realize that we often got carried away, veering away from the right track. That’s why we often recite in Al-Fatihah, “Guide us to the true path—1:6”

This post is not about bashing anyone in particular, it’s just a friendly reminder for myself and my dear friends. If I am wrong, sila beri teguran membina. I am happy to be directed to the right path.

I myself might even have offended some of my Facebook friends with my statuses. I sincerely apologize to those yang terasa, kalo ada. There is more to life than Facebooking.

±One month.

A conversation with my bro—a Canon-user, while thumbing through my Nikon SB800 user manual.

Iktab: What’s i-TTL?
Me: It says here “intelligent-through-the-lens”
Iktab: So, what’s D-TTL?
Me: Err…”Dumb-through-the lens?”

Thanks for your photography tips and tricks, bro. I wish we could spend more time together. See you again, next time. Sayonara~

An Aidilfitri documentary: The tudung trade in Wakaf Che Yeh

The spirit of raya is pervasive in Kota Bharu. You can tell by the bustling Wakaf Che Yeh—a night market specialising in tudung or headscarves. I shall use the word tudung as this word more widely used in Malaysia to describe the garment covering a women’s head.

What Plaza Lowyat is to electronic gadgets, is what WCY is to tudungs. The main difference is the former is predominantly frequented by the men and the latter, women. When traders are selling the same things in the same place, the competition is stiff. In WCY, one would hear constant calling from the tudung traders to attract customers. Some sellers are tired of using their own voice that they even have their ‘advertisements’ recorded and played in an endless loop. For an outsider, it is amusing to hear the phrase “tigo pulloh tigo pulloh..mughoh mughoh mughoh” (which means 3 for RM10, cheap cheap cheap) over and over again. Seriously, I always had to stifle a giggle everytime I hear their “advertisements” being played ad nauseam. Often I, a noob in Kelantanese dialect, have to figure out what they’re actually saying. Thanks to my housemates, who have been living here for quite some time, I don’t really have a problem deciphering the trader’s call. But anyway, the strategy worked very well. People would start to flock the booth and that’s when the razzmatazz attracted more and more customers. A positive feedback loop. How ingenious this simple tactic is. Well, that’s what people say about Kelantanese—they’re shrewd businessmen.

Back to the dissecting the bustling tudung trade in WCY.

Like living organisms, there are different genera of tudungs. To name a few, there are tudung bawal, selendang, tudung awning, tudung turki. And these are further subdivided into species. For example, under the umbrella of tudung bawal, i.e. the muslin cloth tudung, there is bawal sulam tangan (the latest trend), where the tudung is ornamented with hand-sewn flower embroidery. Another species of tudung bawal is the bejewelled ones, their names can be as funny as Air Mata Maria, or as descriptive as Louis Vuitton—name given based on the “LV” shape the faux diamonds lining the edge of the tudung make. Under the genus of tudung awning, i.e. the tudung which have these visor thingies attached to a piece of cloth, there are many species available defined by their style of the awning, the hardness of the awning, and how well the tudung moulds to your head. Currently, this genus is the most popular, or in biological terms, ‘fittest’ of all? By the way, I am curious how tudungs get their names. Is there some kind of tudung taxonomist out there? Excuse my geek talk, I’m a trained biologist, after all, LOL!

Tudungs are available in every colour, every shade and every pattern imaginable. Some have harmonious colour combination; others are a garish clash of colour like a dishevelled parrot. I sometimes wonder why some women of my age (read: early 20s) choose tudungs that, errr, seem more suitable for the septuagenarians. Well, I guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison eyh? Some women would bring their tops that they intend to match the colour of the tudung with. When it comes to shopping, the attention to detail women have is amazing. Until she finds the shade of pink that matches EXACTLY the shade of salmon pink of the flowers on her top, she won’t stop browsing. This phenomenon sometimes leaves her significant other irritable and her kids all fidgety. I personally have heard husbands muttering “bila nak habis ni?”. No joke!

Tudung is a piece of garment that undergoes rapid evolution as the makers keep refining the species. If this week Manjalara is the in thing, by a fortnight, the Ariani-like tudung would replace it. As a relatively frequent visitor to WCY, I like to observe the changing trends in tudung. Note that I said observe, not fall victim to the ever changing trend. I find the evolution of tudung to be unique, that’s why I am dedicating a blog post to this matter. I think that the trend should be documented. If Discovery Channel or Nat Geo can feature it, I reckon it would be a very interesting insight into our culture. Ok, aku brangan nak jadi freelancer dgn Nat Geo. LOL!

Aidilfitri is around the corner. It is during these peak hours that the sellers would increase their prices. Haggling is almost useless compared to the off-peak hours. Nevertheless, as long as there are women, WCY will never lose its buzz. The stalls close as late as 3am.

To those of you who have never been to WCY, this place offers more than just tudungs. Beautiful batiks are available at competitive price, much lower than the price in Penang and KL. And the batiks are gorgeous! There are fresh fruits and vege too, men’s apparel a la Petaling Street, serundings and trinkets, although these make up only 30% of the booths.

Now to the guys, do you understand what I have been talking about? Or is it as confusing as DOTA is to us women? Haha..

I’d like to end this by wishing my Muslim readers Happy Eid, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.


    1. Dearly Deported

I met Iqra’, my bro for a 1 hour in MIX FM studios. A totally surreal experience. It was like he went back home via one of those sci-fi wormhole that has a limited opening time. Actually we got a couple of hours in addition of the stipulated 1 hour, but that was off records la. Roshan said that “they were so cheerful, they didn’t need the 1 hour”. So NOT! We may appear cheerful (malu kot nak bawl our eyes out on national radio) but of course I was in dispair the moment the third, deciding, question was asked, for I knew 2 weeks is gone! Anyway, it was a memorable experience. Now I can show off (ngeh ngeh) that I have been on national radio LIVE! haha

    2. Merdeka

I went to support my dad’s project with his students during Merdeka eve in Penang Times Square. As usual, Merdeka celebrations in Malaysia means entertainment before the clock strikes 12, countdown, then after party. I didn’t really feel the spirit of Merdeka although the atmosphere there was alive. Or was it? Why wasn’t I bersemangat celebrating Merdeka? Celebrating in my dictionary does not mean partying all night long to show the spirit of Merdeka. IMO, it means appreciating the REAL meaning of Merdeka—which I don’t have a clear idea. I think I was more appreciative of Merdeka in high school than I am now. That’s probably due to learning History (although I was not good at it). Plus, at school, the performance preceding the countdown were injected with patriotism and they were original product of the students.
During the celebration in Penang times square, the live indie bands mostly sang English songs and when asked by the crowd to sing Malay songs, takde sape nyanyi. So much for 1Malaysia la BM bahasa kebangsaan la. On the other hand, kalo x prepare, nyanyi then cam hampeh better tak payah kan?
So what do you think would be the best way to celebrate Merdeka?

If not for my dad’s project, I wouldnt have gone, better pegi buat ibadah atau baca buku Twilight.

Another reason why i felt dead is I didn’t have my precious baby Nik around. Otherwise the night would have been more bearable. Well, next time I’ll bring you everywhere I go and not just collecting dust in my locker, OK?

    3. Clueless

I am clueless in playing your game—of which I don’t even know the rules. I don’t know what would or should be my next move. If this was chess, I would have failed. Since I came back from OZ, I have met all sorts of people yang perangai berbagai-bagai. Well I guess that will just enhance my life experience, eh? You gotta get out of your comfort zone kan?

Mix.FM Dearly Deported

This is the first contest that I have ever won! Never in my life had I imagined that our reunion is gonna be this unique. Thanks Mix Fm for giving me us a chance (and some good publicity). I can feel the mounting pressure.

Coming on Monday, Ilma is bringing in her brother Iqra from the United States. They have been studying in different parts of the world for the last 4 years, and because of that they never managed to meet.

Ilma says her younger brother has become a man – but she still thinks of him as a boy. For them it is a chance to rediscover their relationship.

Will they be able to meet? Or will Ilma get all 3 questions wrong and they only get to see each other through a glass window, and Iqra deported after spending more than 24 hours on a flight from Los Angles to Kuala Lumpur?

Find out in MIX fm’s Dearly Deported – Monday, 10 August, 8 am with Serena C and Pietro.

Wish us luck. Will write more about this soon. Stay tuned!

Kopi janda=sehebat namanya?

For those who haven’t seen or heard the ad, what comes to your mind when you hear “Kopi Janda” ?

Is it concocted specially for divorcées?

Is it some kinda aphrodisiac aimed for divorcées to get them ‘re-energized’ , thus to be more sexually attractive?

Is it some kinda potion that, upon consumption by married women, will immediatey cause their marriages to end (maybe like that of the pengasas brand Kopi Janda ni)?

Is it some kinda janda-chemoattractant that upon consumption by lonely, desperate guys, or suami-suami-tak-cukup-satu, will boost their chance of scoring a janda?

Because the tagline “Jemput minum Kopi Janda bang, bukan nak menggoda tapi nak berniaga” or when loosely translated “Have a sip of (Widow?Divorcee?) Cofee. Not seducing, only selling” certainly conveys that message. Everytime I hear the cheesy nursery-rhymish song in the ad, I feel like puking. The marketing or advert team or whoever who were supposed to attract customers, had failed to make me convinced. I don’t have a slight interest to try it, let alone rush to the stores to buy it. And since when is being a divorcée cool anyway?

When my dad saw the ad on TV, he was like “Don’t they have any other name?”

This reminds me of the inappropriateness of brand names, a phenomenon so rampant in Japan.

Not in love? —Be dry!

Mama dan dunia dot com

M: Mama dengar, kita boleh cari balik kawan lama dekat Facebook and Friendster ni. Mama teringin la nak sign up tapi kenapa banyak sangat website yang perlu ada. Pakai e-mail je tak boleh?I: Email lain, Facebook dan Friendster tu lain jugak. Tak payah la mama sign up susah2. Buang masa, mama. Lagipun mama nanti pening nak ingat banyak-banyak password and login name.

M: Pakai satu password je untuk semua x boleh?

I: Kalau nak senang kena hack, boleh aje ma. Macam ni la mama, mama pakai snail mail aje la, tak payah susah2 login2 password2 ni.

M: (Thinking it’s another e-mail) Snail Mail? Nak check macam mana tu?

I: (LOLS), Kat peti surat depan je ma. Tunggu posmen.

Mak aku bukan seorang yang menggunakan teknologi internet dengan selalu. Jadi bila ada perbincangan dalam keluarga aku yang berkaitan dengan dunia dot com, kadang-kadang dia boleh mengajukan soalan yang membuatkan kami ketawa. =)).

Must post this

Yeah, I have a piles of drafts that I have abandoned. I had written some random ramblings then I thought it’s either too lame, cerita basi, too private or too spicy to be posted. Muahaha..

An update. Ok, aku telah mengikuti kursus hands-on elektrofisiologi. Sungguh menyeronokkan jadi student balik selepas kerja for four months+. I miss being a student. Haha, poyo~ Check out this excerpt from Kosmo. This is what I was talking about in my previous post. An exciting course, exciting cells (literally), met and bonded with exciting new people. Alhamdulillah, gained new knowledge—which essentially, was the point of the whole thing. Felt good to be in the lab again. If I feel rajin, I’ll post some pics.

What else? Catching up with the piles of files that greeted me. Dealing with some insensitive people whose mouth I feel like stuffing up. STFU already, OK? Dealing with irresponsibility, lepas tangan aje when things go wrong and then pointing fingers to others while washing your hands clean? Dealing with lembu-punya-susu-sapi-dapat-nama-ism. Adoii. Welcome to the Real World again. (Now, I’m beginning to like that phrase).

Alhamdulillah this Celcom broadband is now working, more posts to come hopefully. Panas telinga bergayut dengan customer service selama sejam untuk troubleshooting ok.


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